Cellar Repair:
As a public service and just being neighborly, we were made aware of a lady that needed some work on her cellar. With no assist in opening, it made the cellar inaccesible to her. With a little welding, and concrete, we got it balanced out so she can safely open and enter if conditions warrant.

 Storm Shelter registration:
As a public safety campaign in association with the local law enforcement, we will GPS locate your cellar or basement entrance and other pertinent information. This will enable first responders or search and rescue personnel to quickly ascertain possible survivors in the unlikely event of natural disaster. When a building is destroyed, the entrance could be hidden, disguised or inaccesible. Having a GPS tagged location will aid rescuers. The information is to be stored in a database accessible ONLY by authorized personnel (public safety agencies and rescue personnel). If you would be interested in this service, please contact Jeff at 806-893-2539 or Whit at 806-638-8950. This applies to any location within Hockley county.
If you would like a little more information about this service, or to submit your information on-line, please go to the Shelter Registration Information page. There you can access the registration form.