Basement-Shelter Registration

(123 Anystreet, 102 CR 2199, Etc.)
(Basement, central room, etc.)
(Located away from main structure)
(Near back door, 10 feet south of building, etc.)
(Any other info to help us locate)
(Coordinates of the entrance to the shelter.)
('Yes' if you would like us to come and record your location for you)
By signing, I understand by registering my basement, underground storm shelter, or hardened above ground storm shelter, that those areas may be checked for entrapment by debris, following a severe tornadic event. I further understand that it may be an undetermined amount of time, depending on the size of the emergency, before a rescue attempt may be initiated at my location. With my signature, I release Hockley County, the City of Levelland and the Levelland SKYWARN group from any liability, for any event that occurs due to delayed rescue. I further acknowledge that any record created is subject to the Texas Public Information Act.
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